I hope to give a brief overview of the course to help you gain a deeper understanding of the material in engineering programming in order to help with projects as well as spark interest in the subject. Programming can be an excellent tool for your studies as well as your future careers. I started engineering programming having had no experience in programming and found it difficult transitioning into such a fast paced course. This website is a simple explanation of the basic skills needed to complete projects as well as being able to answer test questions.

The content of this website includes: getting started, libraries, our first code, variables, else, for loops, pointers, strings, switch statements, and passing functions.

All of these pages include code which can be used as you continue on with your course work. There are codes personally written to help you clearly define the limitations of functions as well as an explanation of how it can be used to fit your projects parameters. All codes contain an explanation as well as being well commented to be easily understood. This information allows you to more easily modify the code to implement it in your own design. The images included can be a great tool for logically designing your next project as well.

The hope is that students will continue to leave insight, as well as respond to posts to expand the scope of this project. This is meant to cover the basic necessities needed for engineering programming.